18th Oct | Visit to Dove Close

Our visit to Dove Close, the new sheltered housing complex off Days Road in Capel, turned out to be a very well-attended one! We were made very welcome by the resident manager, Karen Suddes, who gave us a slide-show presentation about the whole project, from the planning stages to its completion.

Several of the residents joined us for this in the large and comfortable communal lounge, and after the talk one or two of them escorted small groups of us to their apartments and showed us round. Some of us were also given a tour of one of the bungalows.

I think we were all very impressed with the spaciousness and layout of the accommodation, and certainly the residents all seem very happy there. In addition to the lounge facilities, big screen TV and communal kitchen there is a hairdresser’s, a beautician’s, a small café and a computer suite. One room is used for storing mobility scooters, and there is a bathroom complete with a bath hoist for any residents who need help with bathing. (All the apartments and bungalows have their own facilities, of course.)

After our look round refreshments were served in the lounge, and Di Barker thanked Karen and the residents for making us so welcome.

Moving to a complex such as Dove Close may not be something we tend to think about until we get older and our circumstances change. However, with an amenity such as this in Capel it will hopefully make the transition to sheltered housing an easy and pleasant one for us to accept.

To find out more about Dove Close, please click here.

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