6th Dec | Christmas Crafts Evening

Image0427Appropriately enough, at the start of this year’s Panto season, BUTTONS were a main part of our “Christmas Crafts Evening”, which was run (once again) by Linda Bloomfield. This year we were making Christmas cards in three different designs, two of which involved creating a wreath or a Christmas tree out of green and red buttons, while the third card had a robin cut from paper shapes. It was a fun evening which allowed for lots of chat and banter, although some of us found that if we didn’t give full concentration to the activity things tended to go a bit pear-shaped! In particular – trying to peel off the gold embossed “Merry Christmas” words from a sheet was especially frustrating if you already had glue on your fingers! (No names, no pack-drill!)

Image0428Anyway, a good time was had by all, and by the end of the evening some of the resulting cards looked quite professional! Linda, on the other hand, was ready to go for a lie down in a darkened room! Thanks, Linda, for your time and patience!

It certainly put us in the mood for Christmas, and we are all looking forward to our Christmas Social on December 20th  in the Vine Lounge!

Our first meeting in 2013 will be our AGM on Thursday 17th January, when we hope to welcome some new committee members and also stage our “Novelty Knick-knack Competition”. For further details please see our website. If you fancy joining us you will be made very welcome – why not give it a whirl? Maybe see you in 2013?


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