17th Jan | Capel Ladies Club A.G.M.

People are always afraid of coming to A.G.M.s in case they get dragged onto club committees, so it was good to see a reasonable turnout for ours! We even managed to persuade 4 new people onto the Capel Ladies Committee, without too much dragging, either! These lovely ladies are Wendy Keeble, Pat Bradford, Molly Johansen and Penny Wilson-Downe (who was particularly brave, being a fairly new member too!) Welcome to you all!

Di Barker gave a good report of all the past year’s doings, and also thanked a number of people for their support in keeping the Club thriving.

One of the more unusual entries in our novelty Knick-Knack competition

These included Jean Charker (raffle organiser), Linda Morrison (Poster distributor), Val Anderson and Dorothy Ryan (refreshment supplies), and of course all the retiring committee members: Tricia Coates (Treasurer), Chris McCausland, Heather Robinson, Maureen Macneil (Speakers organiser), and Jo Smith, who have served their two years. Special thanks to Chris for hosting most of our committee meetings in 2012 and for the extra-large glasses of wine she served on these occasions!

After all the usual A.G.M. business refreshments were served – including a delicious selection of home-made cakes provided by the out-going committee!

Then it was time for our Novelty Knick-Knack Competition, where members had to bring along unusual items they had previously purchased in charity shops for under £3. There was quite a variety of objects displayed for us to vote on, and the runaway winner was a wire contraption which turned out to be a chicken roaster, and which received by far the biggest number of votes. This had been brought in by Joan Weaving, who won the prize.

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