17th Oct | Bramford Crafts & Candles

Fifteen Capel Ladies spent a very enjoyable evening at the Bramford Crafts & Candles centre on their October outing.

Our mentor for the evening was Diane who instructed us in the art of “Décopatch”.

First we chose a pre-constructed paper maché shape/ animal/ letter/box/flowerpot, and then we selected a sheet of patterned and coloured fine tissue paper with which to decorate it. We did this by tearing the tissue into small squares and pasting each square separately onto our chosen object, gradually overlapping each piece so that we completely covered the shape.

As the tissue dried it remained glossy so each item ended up as a highly decorative piece. Between us we created some very pretty gift boxes with lids, sparkling 3D stars and a reindeer for the Christmas tree, a colourful bathroom caddy, and various attractive animals, including a cat, a pig and a tortoise. Everyone was pleased with their creations!

Not only was it a creative evening, it was very relaxing and quite sociable too as we chatted away with coffee and biscuits served while we worked!

For further information go to: www.craftsandcandlelight.co.uk.

Some of Capel Ladies' Finished Decopatch Items

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