17th Apr | ‘Betty Blue Eyes’ theatre visit

A Night for Pignapping!

bettyposterIt was back in time for 20 Capel Ladies, to November 1947 for their April 2014 theatre outing, to watch the antics of a chiropodist and his wife who kidnapped an unlicensed little pink pig called Betty Blue Eyes which was being fattened up for a banquet to celebrate the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Ipswich’s Wolsey Theatre was the ideal venue for the production of this musical comedy because the theatre’s seating arrangement allowed the audience to feel part of the action on stage.

The cast gave a very slick professional performance throughout the production. Capel Ladies left the theatre having enjoyed the feel-good factor provided by the show with its catchy songs, great choreographed chorus numbers and a puppeteer who brought Betty to life so vividly on stage that we wanted to pignap her home with us!

Penny Thompson

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