16th Oct | Folk and Decorative Art craft workshop – Heather Price

It was with a slight feeling of apprehension that a select group of Capel Ladies met in the library on 16th October for a craft workshop with Heather Price. Each lady arrived with a terracotta plant pot that they had previously coated with emulsion paint. Heather equipped everyone with paper, brush and acrylic paint. She then demonstrated the “common stroke” which is the basic brush stroke used in all decorative art. At this point the ladies were given the opportunity to practise the brush strokes for themselves on paper before moving on to paint their pots with Heather on hand to offer guidance and support. By the end of the evening all of the ladies had made good progress and were able to take home a unique piece of art work. Maybe these will be collectors’ items of the future!!

This was a completely new type of event for Capel Ladies that was thoroughly enjoyed by those members who took part, and it may be something to repeat in the future with hopefully a few more members trying something outside of their comfort zone. We none of know what we can achieve unless we are prepared to try.

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