Aug 6th | Summer BBQ

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Did we or did we not have a great evening at our Summer Barbecue in August? The answer is of course YES WE DID! The weather was wonderful, the setting (in Liz and Tony Gulliver’s garden) was superb, the decor was delightful and the food fantastic! Expert chef Tony slaved over a hot stove to produce tasty chicken breasts, burgers and sausages, and together with the salads and French bread followed by a selection of delicious desserts a sumptuous feast was had by all. A glass of Buck’s Fizz began the proceedings and as the theme was “V.E. Day” the bunting and dress code for the evening was red, white and blue. We had a V.E. Day quiz, which was won by Jo Smith, who received her prize of a bunch of bananas, a luxury item during WWII. Jo herself admitted that she never had a banana until she was eight years old, because of the short supply of such things even well after the war!

There was a grand raffle with lots of prizes, music from the 40’s was played on a gramophone no less, and a wartime sing-song rounded off the evening! Several ladies stayed for a while to dance to some more modern tunes played on the juke box, and it can definitely be said that a good time was had by all!

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