Jul 7th | Orchard Players Show: ‘Jukebox Summertime’


Our second activity this month was an evening at the Orchard Players’ Show – “Jukebox Summertime” – in Capel Village Hall. It was everything it promised to be, full of songs from summers gone by, performed in a lively and authentic manner by an enthusiastic troupe of seasoned entertainers, accompanied by a brilliant live band! Many of us in the audience sang all the way through, and there was plenty of hand-clapping both during the performance and after each song!

One of the highlights for me was to watch two of the younger members of the company, award-winning dancers Hayden and Ella, jiving to the music on the set of the coffee bar, and then on the beach scene in the second half. They gave stunning performances and well deserved their applause at the end! A great, feel-good show that left us all singing and humming on the way home!

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