Nov 3rd | St Petersburg and Moscow – a talk by John Wrigley

Peterho Palace, St. Petersburg

Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg

Our November meeting began rather abruptly with a fire drill, which passed off very smoothly thanks to Sandra and Mandy from the Community Trust who counted us all safely back into the Library again when it was over!

Our speaker for the evening was John Wrigley, whose subjects were the two cities of St Petersburg and Moscow, which he had visited as part of a cruise a few years ago.

He showed us slides of their wonderful and iconic buildings and interiors, plus street scenes and views of the peaceful waterways and amazing metro stations with fantastic sculptures and artwork decoration.

A view towards St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

His talk was full of humorous anecdotes and happy reminiscences of his Russian holiday, sprinkled with interesting facts about Russian history, which made us each want to visit these stunning cities.

As we near the end of the year we still have our trip to Romford for shopping and Greyhound Racing, our Christmas Social and our meal out – and then we are starting again with the AGM in January! Capel Ladies Club wishes all who read this a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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