Jan 12th-14th | Festival of Trees and Lights – St Mary’s Church, Capel

January 12th 22018 marked the first day of the Festival of Trees and Lights, held at St Mary’s Church in Capel every other year. as a fund-raiser for the “Friends of Capel Church”, and this year monies raised will go towards the restoration of the East Window.

Capel Ladies’ tree – ‘Malta’

The theme this year was “Countries of the Commonwealth” and each village organisation which took part had to select a country and choose appropriate items with which to decorate their Christmas tree. There was a quiz sheet available for a small entry fee where people could guess the countries from the objects on and around each tree.

Capel Ladies Club chose Malta, and using red and silver tinsel to represent the red and white colours of the Maltese flag we added laminated pictures of various Maltese features such as the old yellow buses on the island, the Maltese terrier, the knights of St John, the Maltese Falcon from the Humphrey Bogart film and pictures of the Azure Window – the famous rocky sea-arch which collapsed in 2017. As well as these items there were lots of silver Maltese Crosses dangling to catch the light and a large one at the top of the tree. Of course the biggest ‘giveaways’ were the empty packets of Maltesers! Our tree looked very pretty amongst the others, all lit up in the darkness, as you will see in these photos!

Thanks to Irene, Pat, Sue and Shirley for their efforts!

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