April 2021 report

Well, it’s time for Spring Cleaning – and Capel Ladies Club chairlady Mary Butters has certainly been dusting the cobwebs away and freshening things up on the Capel Ladies front! She has been busy recruiting members to join a new WhatsApp group called “CLC Connecting” to bring us all closer together and make it easier to CONNECT with all members instantly! This will be invaluable when it comes to sending out memos, dates, times, etc., to everyone, particularly if there has been a change of plan or cancellation of something at the last minute! Our new club mantra is going to be CONNECT, too, so all very appropriate!

The Club has been successful in its bid for a Parish Grant, and has received £150, which will go towards the purchase of a card-reader for electronic payments at meetings. This will be a great help to the Treasurer and make things more efficient. We are certainly being dragged into the 21st century!

Finally – in last month’s Capers, Sharon asked for reports about new Lockdown activities that people have tried… so here’s the story about…

Mary’s Mighty Mushroom!

(From our Chairlady Mary Butters)

Having received a family Christmas present of a mushroom-growing kit, we set it up following the instructions, (which came in ten languages!), and waited for the suggested period of three weeks for results. As time went by there was little evidence of much happening – except for just ONE tiny mushroom. Gradually this little bump began to develop – and then it literally MUSHROOMED before our very eyes! Fearing it might explode we decided to pick it (carefully!) and prepare something edible… It weighed in at 165grams – the weight of a normal punnetful!  We found a suitable mushroom recipe for a lunchtime delicacy on toast – and it really was DELICIOUS! The growing kit suggests at least three crops are possible, and currently a second one of at least six is coming along nicely, as is our new enthusiasm for Fungiculture! Watch this space for future Lockdown activities!

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