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Apr 19th | Theatre Trip: ‘Bedroom Farce’

On Thursday 19th April, twenty-one Capel Ladies went to the New Wolsey Theatre for the first night of Alan Ayckbourn’s comedy “Bedroom Farce”. It was a very entertaining play and we all enjoyed ourselves! As with all Ayckbourn plays, much of the comedy rings true – we’ve all been there/done that, or had it happen to us at some time or another! Plenty of laughs, anyway, and well-acted too! (I wonder how many of us went home afterwards and made pilchards on toast for a midnight snack?)

Apr 5th | William Pretty – Suffolk Corset Manufacturers

Our April “In” meeting was a talk by Roger Kennell, who is the local history recorder at Hadleigh, about the family and profession of William Pretty, the Suffolk manufacturer of Corsets.

William Pretty built England’s first corset factory, which later became the largest, producing a great range of corsets in innovative styles which were exported all over the world. Continue reading