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Jun 21st | Greyhound Racing at Romford Stadium

And – they’re OFF! Yes, Capel Ladies had a grand day out at the races! Destination – Romford town first, for a bit of shopping and a coffee, and then off to Romford Stadium to enjoy a three-course meal, followed by an exciting and entertaining afternoon of greyhound racing!

Seated at their tables for lunch, everyone had a track-side seat behind the plate-glass window, which enabled them to watch each race from beginning to end. Their meals and drinks were served at the tables, and they were even able to place their bets there too! Everyone had their own way of picking a dog! For some the luck was in the name, for others the colours, whilst the more expert punters studied the race card for form.

There was mixed success amongst the group! For the most part people broke even by the end of the day, some came away worse off, but the biggest winner of the day was Louise Evans who had obviously taken the whole thing very seriously! A grand day out!

Jun 7th | Cake Decorating with Glenda Price

You could have heard a pin drop in Capel Library at our June meeting! Glenda Price, a professional cake-decorating expert who has taught the subject for over 30 years in local colleges and evening classes, was “doing her stuff”! She told us at the start, in no uncertain terms, that when it comes to icing and decorating cakes, she is NOT one of the “lick and stick brigade”. No, she does it all PROPERLY! And she was certainly true to her word! Continue reading