Capel Ladies Club February 2021 update

Well, here we are in February, and although my report is a little bit on the thin side I found a positive quotation on the internet recently…

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

-Victor Hugo, born 26th February 1802, died 22nd May 1885.

…and I thought it just fitted the way things are at the moment. We must all try and stay optimistic that we will see the end of the virus in the-not-too-distant future!

Someone who was feeling particularly positive just before New Year was Cathy Sweeney, the Capel Ladies Club member who won the virtual draw for the Pamper Hamper during our virtual Christmas Social! Here she is being presented with her prize by our Chairlady Mary Butters! Our second winner, who won the Food Hamper in the same draw, was Beryl Backler. Thank you to Penny Thompson and Wendy Keeble who were responsible for filling the hampers with goodies!

We are now keeping our fingers crossed that we will actually be able to meet as a proper club by Easter… watch this space! Meanwhile stay safe and Keeeee-eeeep Smiling!

Capel Ladies Club’s Christmas Fun!


Even though we were still unable to meet up face-to-face as a club because of THAT VIRUS, the Capel Ladies Club Committee had some festive plans up their sleeves to cheer us all up and to keep the ball rolling, as it were!

Our planned annual Christmas Social, due to be held on 17th December in the Vine Lounge at Capel Community Centre, was switched to a Virtual Social via ZOOM. Members were invited to dress up in their Christmas party finery and have drinks and nibbles to hand in their own sitting rooms and share some of the glitz and sparkle of the festive season with each other. During this “Virtual” party we were still going to hold the usual Members’ Draw for the Christmas Hamper. This year there were to be TWO hampers – one with traditional edible contents, and one – a “Pamper Hamper” with luxury items such as soaps, creams and lotions with which we could indulge ourselves in between the festivities!

There had been plans for a Christmas Quiz, which could still go ahead, not live – but with a fun sheet of questions which was to be delivered to all members inside their Christmas cards from the Club. Well done, Committee, it’s great to know that in spite of everything THE SHOW GOES ON!

Speaking of which at the next meeting of the Committee in January the main topic on the table will be how to take the Club forward into 2021.

Meanwhile, wishing all our members, prospective members and everyone reading this a Happy and Healthy New Year! Come and join us in 2021!

– Sue Woolgar

A Capel Lady’s Christmas List

As Christmas approaches, in case I am missed,
I thought I would jot down my own Christmas List.
I don’t want a jumper, some gloves or a hat,
But what I WOULD love’s more important than that.

I’d like no pollution, no plastic or fumes,
No wars and no hatred, no more dooms and glooms.
No famine or discord, no cancer or pain,
And no global warming with protests in vain.

Why can’t we be happy with life and new birth,
On our beautiful planet, our green Mother Earth?
So, as Christmas approaches, think seriously
And pray for a world full of peace, Covid-free!

– Sue Woolgar

November Quiz-Word Grid!

Pens and Paper at the ready! Answer each question in the grid below to find the hidden message in this Suffolk quiz!

When you’ve finished, click the arrow on the grid to reveal the answers!

  1. Traditional local breed of heavy horse. (7,5)
  2. Site of 1st UK Radar Station. (7)
  3. Good place to go crabbing! (11)
  4. Site of famous concert hall. (5)
  5. SpringWatch 2016 came from here! (8)
  6. Martyred King of the East Angles. (6)
  7. Coastal town with remains under the sea since the 13th Century. (7)
  8. Tudor Archbishop, Thomas …. whose surname was given to our local theatre. (6)
  9. The UK’s busiest container port. (10)
  10. An annual sailing barge race starts here! (3,4)
  11. The artist John Constable was born here. (4,8)

MYSTERY WORD (down) – What we all need to try and do!

3rd Sept | Afternoon Tea at Bluebell Tea Room

It was a real treat for sixteen members of Capel Ladies Club to meet up for the first time since Lockdown began, and by all accounts the last, now, for a while! The occasion was Afternoon Tea in the Bluebell Tea Room at the By Pass Nurseries, where Mandy and her team made us all very welcome.

We had finger sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, and cakes too, accompanied by unlimited cups of tea and coffee – delicious! The service was excellent and came with plenty of smiles and everyone enjoyed the occasion very much!

It was especially nice to see Molly Johansen with us, as she has recently had a bout of very poor health, and it was good to see she is on the way to recovery. At the end of the afternoon Rose Chiverton thanked Mandy and her team, and confirmed that Capel Ladies Club will definitely be continuing into 2021 with some new committee members joining our ranks.

The only unfortunate thing is that we won’t be able to meet as a whole club for at least six months or more, thanks to Covid-19! Oh well, perhaps we should split into breakaway groups of six and have our own mini-meetings on the green near the war memorial……!

Just joking, of course – but roll on next Spring when perhaps we’ll be able to gather in the Library once again at 7.45pm. on the first Thursday of the month!

Meanwhile – Keee-eep smiling! (And remember to wash those hands!)

Stop Press: CLC meetings restart dates!


As I write, some late CLC news has come to my attention!

At a recent committee meeting, it was agreed to co-opt some new members onto the existing committee, and an EXTRA meeting is being held on 9th September to do this, and to discuss the way forward for the club.

Meanwhile, obvious restrictions still prevent us from holding our first CLC autumn meeting in the Library. To compensate for this, an afternoon tea is being planned (hopefully!) for Thursday 3rd September at the Bluebell Café in the By-Pass Nurseries!

Why not join us for tea and scones? All members and prospective members welcome!

– Sue Woolgar

September update – a poem

We might not be big – in fact we’re quite small

But nevertheless we’re the best club of all!

We need some new members

To carry us on,

We hope that you’ll join us

Before we are gone.

There’s speakers and outings

And barbecues too

And visits to pantos

And craft things to do!

We’re older than some

But we’re still young at heart

And we’d love some new blood

To give things a fresh start!

Please don’t be put off

Come and give it a go –

Until you have tried it

You’ll just never know!


– Sue Woolgar

Capel Ladies Club – August update

At the time of writing this article I am not sure when Capel Ladies Club will next be able to meet. It would be great to think it could be September, but who knows?

So – just in case we are actually able to enjoy our full Autumn Programme, I thought I would give details of what to expect, both as a reminder for current members and as useful information for potential ones.

Our autumn in-meetings include a visit from Wiltshire Foods, a talk on the Silk Road from China to Essex, tales of Suffolk Ghosts and Hauntings and a Christmas Social with Buffet supper in the Vine Lounge.

Our planned trips range from an outing to a local vineyard and one to the Hotter shoe shop in Ipswich. Nearer to Christmas there is a shopping trip by coach arranged jointly with the W.I., and of course our club’s Christmas meal out to a pub or restaurant. (Can you remember what that’s like???)

I do hope that at least some of these things appeal to many of you, and that they might just tempt you to come along to a meeting on the first Thursday in the month, at 7.45pm in Capel Library, where you will find a friendly crowd and an interesting speaker to pep up your evening.

For more information please see locally distributed posters or browse this website.

Do give it a whirl – you never know, you might even enjoy it! And you’ll certainly learn something – and also make some new friends!

Sue Woolgar

Cup Cakes 2 PhotoP.S. Our members each received another nice surprise from the Capel Ladies Committee last week – a presentation box with a pretty gift tag containing two delectable cupcakes! Mmmm! We can’t guarantee that this will be happening EVERY month, but it’s a lovely lockdown treat! Thank you again CLC Committee!

A lockdown poem by Jan Beaumont

Once again, I have no Capel Ladies Club activities to report on, but recently this poem was doing the rounds on the internet, and as it made me smile I thought it was worth including it here! So – for all CLC members, past, present AND future, and for non-members of a certain age – here is this lockdown poem composed by Jan Beaumont. Enjoy! And let’s hope we’ll be back at CLC soon!

Sue Woolgar

I’m normally a social girl

I love to meet my mates

But lately with the virus here

We can’t go out the gates.

You see, we are the ‘oldies’ now

We need to stay inside

If they haven’t seen us for a while

They’ll think we’ve upped and died.

They’ll never know the things we did

Before we got this old

There wasn’t any Facebook

So not everything was told.

We may seem sweet old ladies

Who would never be uncouth

But we grew up in the 60s –

If you only knew the truth!

There was sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll

The pill and miniskirts

We smoked, we drank, we partied

And were quite outrageous flirts.

Then we settled down, got married

And turned into someone’s mum,

Somebody’s wife, then nana,

Who on earth did we become?

We didn’t mind the change of pace

Because our lives were full

But to bury us before we’re dead

Is like a red rag to a bull!

So here you find me stuck inside

For 4 weeks, maybe more

I finally found myself again

Then I had to close the door!

It didn’t really bother me

I’d while away the hour

I’d bake for all the family

But I’ve got no flaming flour!

Now Netflix is just wonderful

I like a gutsy thriller

I’m swooning over Idris

Or some random sexy killer.

At least I’ve got a stash of booze

For when I’m being idle

There’s wine and whiskey, even gin

If I’m feeling suicidal!

So let’s all drink to lockdown

To recovery and health

And hope this awful virus

Doesn’t decimate our wealth.

We’ll all get through the crisis

And be back to join our mates

Just hoping I’m not far too wide

To fit through the flaming gates!

by Jan Beaumont

P.S. As a Post Script to this CLC contribution I have to report that my doorbell rang yesterday morning – and when I opened the door, I found a present wrapped in yellow tissue with my name on it! Our CLC chairlady Rose waved from her car and said “Enjoy!”

Inside the package was a chocolate Easter egg which had originally been intended as a gift for our “Easter Fun” meeting which never took place, of course! So every Capel Ladies member received their chocolate egg yesterday instead – the day when our Summer Social had been planned  – bringing a smile to all their faces as it had brought to mine!

That was brilliant timing – a cheer-up chocolate treat during lockdown! Cheers to all the CLC Committee for their Delicious Deliveries! Looking forward to catching up when times are more normal again! THANK YOU, Capel Ladies Club!

New Members Wanted!

Capel Ladies Club is 52 years old this autumn, and we’d like to think it’s an integral part of life in our community. We are currently looking to encourage new members to join us and bolster our numbers, whilst bringing some new ideas and interests to the club. We have a range of interesting speakers and activities planned for this year as soon as things return to normal.

Meanwhile –

Capel Ladies Acrostic