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November Quiz-Word Grid!

Pens and Paper at the ready! Answer each question in the grid below to find the hidden message in this Suffolk quiz!

When you’ve finished, click the arrow on the grid to reveal the answers!

  1. Traditional local breed of heavy horse. (7,5)
  2. Site of 1st UK Radar Station. (7)
  3. Good place to go crabbing! (11)
  4. Site of famous concert hall. (5)
  5. SpringWatch 2016 came from here! (8)
  6. Martyred King of the East Angles. (6)
  7. Coastal town with remains under the sea since the 13th Century. (7)
  8. Tudor Archbishop, Thomas …. whose surname was given to our local theatre. (6)
  9. The UK’s busiest container port. (10)
  10. An annual sailing barge race starts here! (3,4)
  11. The artist John Constable was born here. (4,8)

MYSTERY WORD (down) – What we all need to try and do!