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19th Jul | Wattisham Airbase Visit

A grim and gloomy place. That was my first impression of Wattisham Airbase. Granted, the weather didn’t help – it was hammering down with rain under a lid of black cloud cover on a Thursday evening in July. Just another day in our great British Summer!

Fortunately for our Capel Ladies party there was a warm and friendly welcome awaiting us from Mick and Jo Bown, the smiling couple who were our guides for the evening! We began our visit by looking round the museum… Continue reading

Jul 5th | Summer Social

There was a Jubilee theme to our Summer Social this year, brightening up the evening in the Vine Lounge with everyone in red, white and blue, plus Union Jack table-cloths, plates and bunting! With a glass of sparkling wine each, and a choice of nibbles from the plates of food we had brought, there was a convivial atmosphere as the evening progressed.

Shirley Ward had set a Diamond Jubilee Quiz for us, which – although it had multiple choice answers – was trickier than it looked! Winners here were Linda Bloomfield and Beryl Grant. There was also a contest to see how many words of 4 letters or more could be made from “The Diamond Jubilee”. This was ALSO won by Linda and Beryl, who came up with over 100 between them!

Our next trip out is to Wattisham Airbase on July 19th, then on August 2nd we are meeting at the allotments to visit the newly-created wildlife area there, and on August 9th we are off to the Bramford Cock for a Summer Buffet Evening.

Our first meeting in September – on Thursday 6th – is entitled “Couture, Hats and Fascinators” with Debra Johnson – so if you’ve got a posh occasion coming up this could be for you!

Catch us on our website at: or ring 311870 for more details if you would like to join us!