19th Feb | Beautician Anita Gillespie – Reflexology

I had always thought that Reflexology was a rather ticklish subject, but at our March meeting, held in Dove Close, Anita Gillespie assured us all that this was not so. In fact, judging by Linda Morrison’s response to having her feet massaged and stroked it proved to be a very relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

showing corresponding areas of the body

The art of Reflexology is an ancient one, practised by the Egyptians and the Chinese over the centuries. It is based on the belief that the different areas on the soles of the feet relate to different parts of the body. When we have a health problem somewhere on our body our “chi” or energy channels in that part of the body are blocked, and need clearing to restore our well-being.

By massaging and manipulating the soles of the feet using essential herbal oils the reflexology practitioner can home in on area which feels gritty, as if it contains crystals. Using firm but gentle stroking movements the crystals can be dispersed, allowing the energy to flow and bring the body back into balance.

As it is thought that up to 80% of illness is caused by stress, the treatment, which takes about an hour, leaves the patient relaxed, warm and supple. Benefits include improved circulation and clearing of toxins, bringing the body back into balance. It is not a cure for an ailment, Anita stressed, but it helps prepare the body for medical treatment if necessary. Reflexology treatment can even be used on children!

Anita is based at Dove Close, so to find out more about the different treatments she offers why not feel your way to her website ?


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