Nov 5th | Christmas Craft Evening

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Our Christmas crafts session created an evening of concentration and co-ordination interspersed with chuckles, chat and chocolate fudge. It was all down to Linda Bloomfield who, as usual, brought along lots of new ideas for decorative things to make, either to hang on your Christmas Tree or stick to your fridge door. This year each activity used sequins and polystyrene shapes to create baubles of various colours and styles, or sparkly fridge magnets in the shape of hedgehogs. The chocolate fudge was created by Linda herself, who brought it along as a seasonal treat for Bonfire Night. There were also some of Linda’s home-made Christmas cards on sale, which several of us bought. Everyone succeeded in making something as well as enjoying the social time, and at the end of the evening Linda announced that she was donating her expenses and card money to the East Anglian Children’s Hospices.

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